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Keeping Business Safer Through Real-Time Indentifying of Abnormalities.

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Early Detection of Alarms and Critical Events

We provide early detection of alarms and critical events with AI. Early detection service identify activities and objects as soon they are seen in the video.


Automatically finds predefined behaviour and objects

Officially it is called Video Anomaly Detection. By collaborating with our customers, we identify the important behaviors and objects in the video footage. This allows us to extract relevant information that aligns with customer needs. By defining criteria together, we streamline the analysis process and provide customized results.


We are SW and HW agnostic

Our system performs real-time event and object detection on video footage, providing timely results directly to your platform. We are flexible and compatible with various software (SW) and hardware (HW) configurations, allowing seamless integration with your existing infrastructure without any limitations or restrictions based on technology preferences.


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